Kochi Airport to remain shut till 26th August due to Kerala floods


Kerala, the beautiful South Indian state has been hit by massive floods this year. The entire state seems to be submerged under water. The extensive plantations are also nothing less than swamps at the moment. The water level is rising with each passing day and so is the number of those affected by the downpour. Since there has been such widespread destruction, it was great to know that celebrities are also contributing whatever they can for the victims affected. Amidst all this chaos, news has come that the Kochi airport is likely to stay shut till 26th August.

kerala floods

Why can it not open earlier?

Earlier, there were statements and speculations by the masses that the Kochi airport will open on 18th August. However, the water level inside the airport complex has been constantly rising. With such heavy downpour, it is not possible for the flights of the airport staff to function effectively. Flights are transferred in such weather conditions, that  there is a big risk to the lives of the passengers. This is the reason why the shutdown has been extended till 26th August.

 From what time can the airport be used?

According to the statement issued by the Aviation Secretary R N Choubey, the Kochi airport will be accessible from 2pm on 26th August. The notice was issued by the Navigation Services wing of Airports Authority of India (AAI). However, the situation is being constantly reviewed and there is ongoing consultancy with the State Government. Earlier, the aviation ministry had asked airlines to reschedule their flights can move them to the close by airports of Calicut and Trivandrum. One of the good point for travelers is that the DGCA has clearly told the airline companies that they cannot hike fares just because of added rush.

kerala floods

What led to the closure?

With the rising level of waters and disrespect of the DGCA instruction led to the closure of the Kochi airport. Due to complains of fares still being hiked massively the authorities thought it would be best to shut down the airport for the time being. However, it is natural that this has not gone down too well with the airline companies. They feel that DGCA can only request but not dictate or make final decision regarding the fares.

How can you still fly?

Now, if you are wondering that how can you still fly, then the answer is pretty simple. Since the Kochi airport is shut, international airlines such as Air Arabia, Emirates, Etihad, Oman Air, Jazeera, Fly Dubai as well as Saudia Airlines will fly from Trivandrum. Other than this, flights such Malindo, Scoot, Kuwait Airlines and Gulf Air have absolutely suspended their flights.Kerala floods

The airlines have come together and shown their sensitivity towards the flood victims by waving off cancellation and rescheduling charges.