Lunar Eclipse 2018 Myths and Superstitions All You need to Know


The people around most of the part of the world are going to witness the most beautiful attire of moon. This is the first Lunar eclipse of 2018. The moon will be wearing the scattered blue phase which is often addressed as Blue Blood moon. This Lunar Eclipse won’t be covering the area of North America and Greenland. According to the experts, the longest lunar eclipse is about to hold the sky tonight. So all are having enough passage of time to look at the endearing moon with eternal calm.

At the time of the eclipse, the full moon leads to conceal being the shadow of the Earth in the accordance the Sun and gets darkened for a while. The remaining amount if sunlight reaches to the moon as a result of refraction by the atmosphere of earth. We are here to discuss the myths and superstitions related with the lunar eclipse with a purpose of preventing you from needless fear. These myths and superstitions are as follows-

Attack of Jaguar


Attack of Jaguar

According to some of the Indian tribes, it is believed that the jaguar ate the moon this is the reason why moon caught in the clinched of Jaguar.



Sign of negativity


Some of the Indian misses a great line of superstition which says that the Lunar Eclipse beings a big dose of negativity. It gets to the conclusion that the Blue Moon process to be really harmful to some of the zodiac signs.




Many people are of the view that taking the level at the time of moon eclipse tends to create major issues in the digestive system. It goes with the faith that earth releases harmful rays at the moment of the blue blood moon. This is why fasting is considered as the must taken precaution at the time of Lunar Eclipse.



Avoiding use of sharp tools

Sharp tools


This is hard to believe but it stands as the horrifying mouth which associates with the Lunar Eclipse. Some people follow a belief that the wounds caused at the situation of Lunar Eclipse take a long time to get cured so, they avoid the extensive use of sharp tools during lunar eclipse such as- knife, cutter, scissors, openers etc.



Pregnant ladies are not allowed to go out


This is completely shocking but unfortunately comprises the reality that pregnant ladies are not allowed to have a look of the lunar eclipse. The thing which exists here is that the rays at the time if moon eclipse turns to be entirely dangerous for the health of the baby.



Putting basil leaves in the food

Basil Leaves

This is one of the most eminent sayings related with the moon lunar eclipse that the basil leaves must be placed inside the containers of the food. A faith which associates with this activity is that the basil leaves prevents the food from the toxic effect of the blue blood moon.


This was all you need to know about the Blue Blood moon we hope that after reading this you will be able to draw the difference between the facts and the myths.