It’s Raining Offers Outside: Monsoon shopping ideas for 2018



Monsoon shopping satiates our soul like nothing else. Greenery seems all over, and you feel the freshness of capturing your soul. Monsoon comes with a calm and comforting drops, the touch of rain on the body makes you alive. Monsoon sometimes carries you to the most uncomforting situations, like wet clothes, slippery ground, sometimes make the condition worst.

To avoid this kind of situation you prefer sitting at home, resisting the rain, why not enjoy monsoons without worrying about your dress up and accessories without making you uncomfortable and at unease.

Making your monsoons fun without compromising your fashion, here are some shopping ideas for monsoons that will help you adore this season:

Go for short length dresses

During monsoon shopping, women should prefer wearing short length dresses, like knee length maxi dresses. Anyone would never want water dripping off their clothes, wearing long dresses leave you with wet clothes. You can also go for a skirt, knee-length skirts. Cotton capris are also preferred during rain. These light and short length provide you comfort that you aspire for.

Pick dark clothes

During monsoons avoid wearing light coloured clothes. After getting wet, these clothes kind of become transparent that looks odd and can give an ‘OOOPS’ moments, and you surely want to resist those. Dark colours hide your inner wear’s appearance making it ‘not to worry about the issue.‘ Go for bold choices, like you can choose blue, black or red that will give you stunning looks without compromising the fun part.

Resist denim jeans and leather

Are you surely going to ask why no to jeans? These don’t even get transparent or anything like that. For sure, jeans won’t get transparent, but as jeans get wet, it becomes very heavy and smell bad, making you very uncomfortable, and the same goes for leather sidewise.

Buy cotton fabric clothes

Cotton fabric is best to for during the rainy season; this won’t make you feel caged and limited .person can also go for lycra or nylon, dry opaque and comfortable.

Choose rubber footwear

You try to walk safely when you know every ground around you is a total mess. Wearing shoes makes your feet uncomfortable, and it seems hard walking around. Wearing rubber foot wears makes feet relaxed .do not use slippers with a flat base, as they can be one of the reasons that you might slip unknowingly feeling embarrassed. Rough base provides friction. Sandals like tevas are food.

Buy light make up

Wear light and water resistant makeup during the rainy season. You never know when you’ll going to face rain as it is unpredictable and you don’t want yourself with a clown face.

LAKME cc cream is one of a good option for the rainy season, as it provides you with light makeup look. Avoid buying powdery products.

Scarfs are good options

Scarfs are good choice to go for this monsoons scarfs gives a nice look .scarfs are simple and elegant and work as a great accessory.

Buy hairbands

Hairbands are a good option in the rainy season. Keep your hairs tied in a ponytail so that it looks clean and rain does not make you look messy.

Waterproof purse

You want your important things dry, and don’t want them to get wet. Go for bags and wallet with polyester inner lining and zip, these are comfortable and won’t let rain ruin your things

Avoid metal jewellery

Try to avoid metal accessories as they might create rashes on your skin that may cause an itching sensation. Use chokers instead, these are great and make of fabric, so it does not cause sensations.

Your monsoon shopping can be a delightful experience if you keep these tips in mind.