Next James Bond movie delayed after Danny Boyle’s departure, may not release till 2020

Next James  Bond Movie

Next James Bond Movie Not Untill 2020?

Are you a fan of James Bond movies? If so, then this is news related to the next James Bond movie will surely leave you disappointed. It has been confirmed that the next untitled movie in the series will be delayed till 2020. The reason behind this sudden delay in the movie is due to the abrupt departure of Danny Boyle. This means that the untitled movie will not be released on 8th November 2019.

An official tweet from the twitter account of James bond mentioned, “Michael G Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, and Daniel Craig today announced that due to creative differences Danny Boyle has decided to no longer direct Bond 25.” This has made sure that the next James Bond will not hit the theatre till 2020.

News about the Next James  Bond Movie

The news relating to the creative difference with Boyle had been doing the round for quite a long time. Although, many people were expecting that the differences will get sorted and the movie will get released on the mentioned date. But this latest news about the next James Bond movie has brought a wave of sadness amongst the James bond fans.

The news was disclosed earlier this week that Danny Boyle has walked out of the film. The next James bond addition in the series was supposed to start in December. The producers are still to find the replacement of Boyle which further indicates the delay in the release of the movie.

However, in the middle of this discussion, MGM has still not confirmed any postponing of the release of the film. MGM is handling the domestic distribution of the James Bond series. Besides the predictable reason of clash between the creativity of the people of the movie, there are many other reasons that are being predicted. The insiders from the industry have been indicating towards some other reasons as the main reason for the walk out of Boyle.

According to an insider, “It was telling the producers put his [Craig’s] name on their release saying that Boyle had been sacked. I have heard that they wanted to bring that Cold War element in but update it to the modern day. Danny Boyle was in for that. That wasn’t the problem. The problem came in when they were making the final decisions about casting pre-production.

No matter what the reason is behind the walking out of Danny Boyle, it is certain that the fans are really disappointed. Let us know your thoughts on the delayed release of the next James Bond movie by commenting below.