PM Modi Inaugurates Hindon Airbase and metro In Ghaziabad


On 8 March,2019 our respectable Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated two development projects in Ghaziabad. The first was to launch operations of flights for civilians at Hindon Airbase. The second project which was inaugurated by PM Modi, was the extension of the metro line to 9.4 KM. The metro line now stretches from Dilshad Garden- New Bus Adda.

The launch of Hindon Airbase

For the launch of Hindon Airbase, the Prime Minister reached Ghaziabad at 4:00 PM from Kanpur. The launch was then followed by his speech in a nearby ground. One could witness the public swirling with happiness and extreme proud as Prime Minister himself was present in the launch of two most awaited development projects of Ghaziabad.

The construction of civilian airbase at Hindon Airbase was granted by Indian Air Force unde rthe scheme UDAN. The main motive behind this scheme is to improvise the connectivity in the country. Another major reason for launching the same is to lessen the traffic of passengers at Indira Gandhi International Airport. The flights at Hindon Airbase will be under regional connectivity.

The red-metro-line which has now been extended to even station Rithala, earlier existed of 21 stations. Now, there are 8 stations which have been added to ease the commute of the passengers on daily basis. The 8 new stations are-
Shahid Nagar, Raj Bagh, Rajendra Nagar, Shyam Park, Mohan Nagar, Arthala, Hindon River Station and New Bus Adda.

Metro has made the life simpler for people in NCR

After the latest addition of the metro station on the Red-line, now the DMRC in total is spread across 336.5 Km and has 244 stations overall. In today’s date, it is next to impossible to think of a life without metro. It has been online possible with Delhi Metro’s connectivity to different places in NCR that a person can now travel from one corner to the other. Day by day the facility of the metro has been undergoing subsequent changed. Today, the stations are just not limited to boarding and changing the trains to reach the destinations. Rather, people can also relax at the different food points available at metro stations. Other than this, the service of ATM is also awarded to the passengers of DMRC to make their travel more comfortable.

High security for Prime Minister

The visit of our honored Prime minister Narendra Modi was followed with a high security alert. More than 4,000 Police Personnel were appointed on the security duty. Apart from this, National Security gaurds were also employed for the same motive.Public was really very excited for the visit of PM, Modi. However, this visit also created a traffic havoc on the routes. The major blocking of roads could be witnessed at Mohan Nagar, Raj Nagar Extension Elevated road, Hindon highway and at some routes from Noida to Ghaziabad.

Country is looking forward for more such developments in the upcoming years.