PM Modi’s Autograph made Bengal Girl a Celebrity, gets marriage proposals

PM Modi Autograph

There are very fewer chances that an unfortunate incident can bring a whole lot of fame and popularity to someone. On such rare incident happened in the prime minister rally in Midnapore in West Bengal. During the rally, a tent crashed down which resulted in the injuries for many people. Out of the many victims, one victim called Rita Mudi gained the whole attention.

If you are thinking about what made the girl so popular even after the tragic incident, it is the matter of one autograph that she received. No, it was not any ordinary autograph that she received, but it was from none other than our PM Narendra Modi. As soon as the news got viral, Rita has turned into a celebrity and is receiving a lot of attention.

Things have not only worked favorable for Rita but also for her family. People from around the world now recognize the family and are visiting them to have a closer look at the autograph. Rita, on the other hand, is also getting marriage proposals from many after coming into the limelight.

The incident which was a tragic incident for many has turned into one of the biggest affairs for Rita. At the beginning of this month, a tent unexpectedly collapsed, resulting in injuring many people. It is estimated that nearly 96 people were injured in that rally. However, it was just Rita that managed to get the limelight. After the incident, Rita requested PM for his signature to which PM reacted positively.

Ever since Rita got the signature of PM, she and her family have become the known faces in their hometown. They certainly are seeing enjoying the attention that PM’s signature has given them. This special moment that changed Rita’s life, happened when PM Modi visited the hospital to have a check on the injured people. The video, where Modi is signing a piece of paper for Rita, has gone viral over the Internet.

PM Modi not only signed the paper but also wrote a short message for Rita. The message that Modi wrote, read, “Rita Mudi, tum sukhi raho” (Be happy, Rita Mudi). The piece of paper is undoubtedly one valuable treasure for the entire Mudi family.

After this incident, Rita shared, “I became a celebrity. My sister and I are even getting marriage proposals.” Later, she also cleared that it is her education that tops the priority list. Local people have been visiting her home to have a look at the autograph and also to click pictures with the girl.

It was not just the PM who visited the hospital but later the CM of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee, also marked her presence to acknowledge the victims. Well, things have really turned favorable for Rita and her family. What are your views about the whole incident? Let us know your thoughts about the same by commenting below.