Rape Victim commits suicide after accused gets clean chit in UP’s Gonda


A Mother of two was raped by two men, last year in September. They not only raped her but also made a video clip. The names of the accused are  Shankar Dayal and his brother Ashok Kumar, both are the residents of Kernalganj area. The woman accused the men to have raped her repeatedly many a times.

There was also the news, that the 35-year-old rape victim with her husband attempted self-immolation outside Vidhan Bhawan in Lucknow for demanding justice.

The  rape victim commits suicide

The woman decided to commit suicide after her accused rapists were given a clear case by the police authorities.

The case at first was given in the hands of local police and later to district police, but at the end both the departments flashed clear chit to the accused in the case. The woman couldn’t handle the injustice against her and thus decided to end her life.  Both the accused men are missing.

SP, Gonda said,

“Two police personnel have been suspended. The further probe will be conducted,”

The rape victim’s husband said, 

“The accused had not just raped her but also made a video clip of the act. She was very upset when police gave the accused a clean chit, and so committed suicide.”

Police didn’t conduct a thorough investigation, she didn’t get justice.”

The husband of the victim, who committed suicide also accused the police of negligence in the investigation.