Revolutionary changes in lifestyle: Know the world you live in


     Experience the lifestyle changing world constantly

    The World is round and life is a circle. It would finish where actually we started
    One day my father asked, his uncle what is your opinion about modern youth
    Who actually love to wear less cloth …. Uncle replied actually we start with naked body
    In the beginning of the civilization and now we are going to the finishing point that is why
    Youth like to be naked there is nothing to worry… because life is circle it finished where we started.

    Everybody laughed … and the matter finished over there… but that’ true our life and lifestyle has the impact of revolutionary change. I know there is a question why am I raising such kind of question but.

    There Is nothing like the question I just want to share thing how older thing taking place in modern time and how we are moving towards the same point. A few Days ago I was just watching television where I saw utensils which are prepared by granite and the whole incident of conversation of my family with uncle recall in my mind and I start thinking… how true that thought was. We actually starting a thing where we leave.

    Civilization and Lifestyle

    In the starting of the civilization we are bound to use things of stone because we are not familiar with the things we are not aware we were not educated but don’t you things its wonder that we started from stones and now we are again using a stone utensil because we think that is modern lifestyle and in beginning we are not bound to pay anything for such thing but now we are paying much more for such thing we are acquiring the same thing which is used by the older generation.

    Now we have to pay much more for the older thing in the name of ethnic. Not only in until there is so many things like dresses hair style household so many things which are someone like must have heard of their parents or grandparents and we are inventing their idea’s in the name of modern culture to present society in the name of new that we are better to the older people despite that
    We know that we are working on the same idea and we are saying to our moms, grandma and many grandparents that you don’t know anything you don’t understand anything.