“Sonam Kapoor Left Tweeter, Creating a Buzz and Leaving People Surprised’.


The fashion icon and Bollywood superstar Sonam Kapoor is again in the news neither because of her films nor because of her controversial statements as she is seen frequently on page 3 regarding the same but her decision to leave the social media platform Twitter for a while. She tweeted ” I am going off twitter for a while. It is just too negative. Peace and love to all”.This tweet was posted on 6th October around 11.45 pm on her twitter handle.

” Where ever Sonam goes, controversies follow her”

She has been in the news the whole year be it The Cannes festival where she floored everyone with her dressing style or her lavish wedding with the businessman Anand Ahuja giving major couple goals and fashion goals to everyone regarding jewelry, wedding outfits, functions and many more. Well, when it comes to fashion choices, people look up to her and follow her style statements, thus giving her the tag of a fashion icon. But sometimes these fashion choices and style statements created by Sonam Kapoor haven’t gone well with the people. Because of this, trollers had left no stone unturned to criticize her.

Negative bashing doesn’t affect Sonam

When she wore mangalsutra as a bracelet, people bashed her for disrespecting the Indian culture. Recently, she wore a black bikini and posted the pic but people body-shamed her, giving her indecent names. Once she even wore oversized coat, she was trolled for the same. People thought she made a huge blunder.

She is a queen of controversy as she always seems to make controversial comments. Her remarks on the superstars from the industry are hilarious. She is seen calling aunty to Aishwarya Bachchan and Mamma’s boy to Ranbir Kapoor. She also gives fashion advice to not to wear tight clothes to Parineeti Chopra. She took a jibe against Deepika Padukone’s announcement to work for mental health on Twitter.

Apart from the industry stars she did not shy away from commenting on the media too. She showed the middle finger to the press when they asked her questions. These acts might show you that she is a bold lady who speaks her mind. But you give people a chance to talk about yourself too.

“When you make controversial statements”

Sonam Kapoor is facing troll from time to time whenever she makes some bold statements or tries something new fashion style. Trollers never a leave a chance to troll her. Be it for wearing a ripped denim saree or even for her figure.

Well, after the series of trolling, she decides to take a break from Twitter, and this time to twitterati did not spare her.

One user commented that we would not miss you even a bit, if given a chance, please come on Holi and Diwali.

Sonam bids bye to twitter

The incident which propelled her to leave twitter was that she posted on twitter saying that the traffic of Mumbai is increasing day by day and it is the worst nightmare. One of the users commented on the post. This goes like this”Why don’t you leave your luxurious vehicles and use a public transport.To which Sonam replied saying because of people like you, women don’t travel in public transport.

Again this incident created buzz among people, while some were supporting Sonam and the others were supporting the user.

Social media has its pros and cons, and our film celebrities are an easy target. When it comes to bullying someone or judging them on their airport looks. Some ignore the judging part, and some seem to get the effect just like Sonam kapoor. In the end its her call for everything.

Fans of Sonam Kapoor did not take this decision well. Some supported the decision, and some slammed the users who troll her. Well, we hope that she comes back soon after a short break.


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