Ten interesting facts about Kolkata


Kolkata is a city which is equivalent to an aphrodisiac.  Its old world colonial charm, combined with the presence of soulful warmth is unlike any other city. While, if you look for all the glam and glitz, Mumbai is your city. Or, if you want the best amenities, then your choice should be Delhi or Bangalore. But if you want affordable living and a city with a soul, you come to Kolkata. From beautiful architecture to being the melting pot of so many cultures, you will definitely find what you need to your heart’s content. There are many interesting facts that will definitely awe you and make you fall in love with the city of joy.

  1. The Khidderpore port in Kolkata is India’s just riverine port and furthermore the most seasoned port in the nation. The Metropolitan Museum in New York has a reproduction of this port which speaks to the entire of Asian Cities Sector.
  2. Kolkata Book Fair is world’s third biggest books mixture. London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair take the second and the first positions separately. As far as non-exchange book reasonable, Kolkata Book Fair is world’s biggest.
  3. Kolkata Book Fair is the biggest in Asia. As far as participation, it beats the whole world.
  4. Situated in Ho Chi Min Sarani, the US Consulate of Kolkata is world’s second most seasoned set up by US State Department. It was set up in 1792 on November 19.
  5. Kolkata’s Birla Planetarium is world’s second biggest and Asia’s biggest.
  6. There is a prevalent saying that if a book can’t be found in College Street, the book was perhaps never brought into reality. World’s second biggest commercial center for second-hand books, College Street where a wide range of books can be found.
  7. Kolkata stands second, soon after New Delhi as the biggest city in India as far as region secured.
  8. The Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is the sixth biggest (as far as principle length) cantilever connect in world and the only cantilever bridge in India.
  9. Aside from Kyoto and Tokyo, Kolkata is the main Asian Mainland City to have five Nobel Laureates – Mother Teresa, Amartya Sen, Rabindranath Tagore, C.V. Raman and Sir Ronald Ross.
  10. Calcutta Medical College or Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata was Asia’s second prescription school that showed European Medicine and was the first in Asia to show European Medicine in English language.

Thus, let the beauty of Kolkata mesmerise you. There are many more interesting facts that will come to light once you start searching. So what are you waiting for. Let the City of Joy show its true colours and overwhelm you!