Top 10 Cartoon Barbie Movies You Must Watch


Barbie is an American Doll which was manufactured by American Doll Company Mattel, Inc. It became popular in India when it was telecasted on Disney Tv and other than that the attractive and beautiful looks of the Barbie doll lead to its increased sales. It’s immense popularity led to the creation of Barbie movies which gathered the attention of maximum viewers. Here is the list of top ten barbie movies-

1. Barbie: Princess Charm School-

It is the best cartoon animated movie directed by Zeke Norton, which was released on 13 September’ 2011. In this movie, Barbie is starred as Blair a story of a girl who wishes and decides to attend Princess Charm School. She fights to fulfill her wishes and finally decides to go to the school and then considers every girl as Princess in her opinion.

2. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus-

The film was directed by Greg Richardson and was released in the year 2005. In the film, Barbie is telecasted as Princess Annika who escapes from the trap of evil wizard and wishes to explore and roam the wonders of Cloud Kingdom. she meets a magnificent winged horse during her journey and later on, she comes to know that she is her sister.

3. Barbie of Swan Lake-

This movie was directed by Owen Hurley and was released in the year 2003. It is a very sweet and touching movie in which Barbie lives with her father and sister and helps her family with the family bakery. Later on, a fascinating fairy tale is shown in the movie which leaves the viewers overwhelmed.

4. Barbie: A Perfect Christmas-

It was released in the year 2011 and was directed by Mark Baldo. The story tells about a beautiful Christmas celebration of Barbie and her sisters in a very exciting and cheerful way. All of them plan to go to New York to celebrate Christmas and make it really special and memorable.

5. Barbie as Rapunzel-

Barbie as Rapunzel is an animated film which was released in the year 2002 and its directions were done by Owen Hurley. Barbie tries to make her sister Kelly confidence about her painting skills and later on, she paints her own way to meet her prince charming and make him the love of her life.

6. Barbie in the Nutcracker-

Barbie in the Nutcracker is an amazing movie which was directed in the year 2001 and was directed by Owen Hurley. In the movie, Barbie tells that if a person is kind, clever and brave he can have the courage to fight with his enemies in the same way Barbie does with Clara.

7. Barbie -A Fashion Fairytale-

The story revolves around the plot in which Barbie does her adventurous trip to Paris and makes new friends. It is an animated film which was released in the year 2010. The movie is directed truly in a magical way which forces the viewers to gather their attention towards the movie only. Barbie wishes to fulfill her desires and make her dreams real.