Top 10 Best Beer Brands in India 2018

Best Beer Brands in India
If you enjoy drinking and searching for the best beer to drink in India, here are the top 10 best beer brands in India in 2018.

Summers being at the peak in India calls for the chilled beer bottles and glasses, which can surely swing your mood in joy. India is an age-old market for beers and has a variety to offer to its customers. There are numerous brands which ensure different and best tastes.

1. Kingfisher Beer

One of the best popular beer Kingfisher, The King of Good Times was established in 1978 and since then it has maintained its stronghold on the beer market of India, even after the invasion of so many beer brands. In India itself, this beer brand has the share of approximately 51% and the same is supplied in other 52 countries as well.
330 ml of beer cost INR 60 and onwards.


2. Royal Challenge Beer


Well known for its strong brewing taste, Royal Challenge beer has been ruling the heart of beer lovers who discriminate. This particular brand is in high demands in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Odisha.
330 ml costs INR 47 and onwards

3. Haywards Beer

Haywards is one of the top leading brand giving competition to all the other beer industry. The latest variety of this beer brand is 10000 Haywards. This is the versatile product as it was not only rated to have market attracting powers but also making the consumer come in truth with their ever unrevealed dreams. One of the best Beer in India comes from Haywards breweries.
330 ml costs INR 65 and onwards

4. Carlsberg Beer

This is the brand of Carlsberg India Private Limited, is one of the tastiest and trusted beer brand. Carlsberg beer is the best-rated beer of all times in India. This is the best beer to drink and has been on the market since 1847.
330 ml costs INR 90 and onwards

5. Budweiser Beer

Budweiser Beers are the best common beer brand to ask for.  The manufacture of this type of beer is the Brazilian-Belgium organization. Budweiser is also stated as of the beer brand in India. Budweiser the best selling beer in India is one of the most popular beer brand after Kingfisher.
330 ml costs 110 and onwards

6. Foster Lager Beer

This beer is also known as one of the best beer in India. Foster Lager beer is manufactured by an Australian company and has 5.2% alcohol content in it. In big cities like Bangalore, Foster Lager Beer is served as the draught beers.
330 ml costs INR 60 and onwards

7. Tuborg Beer

This most popular beer brand is the locally manufactured product of Goa, India. It has become widely popular for its super different and nice taste and also for its budget, which is very low.
330 ml costs INR 60 and onwards

8. Corona Beer

Corona is also rated as one of the best beer in India. It ranks well on the beer brand list of India. Corona is one of the most imported beers in India from foreign countries.
355 ml costs INR 240 and onwards

9. Heineken Beer

This is one of the oldest Dutch brands of beer ruling the Indian as well as International market. It has become widely popular for taste. Most of the bars and pubs in India, serve this beer. India is slowly developing taste for Dutch beers and Heineken now being considered in the best beer brands in India in 2018
330 ml costs INR 90 and onwards