Top 10 Best Quality Leggings Brands for Women in India 2019

1. Global Desi Women’s Legging

Global Desi is one of the leading clothing brands in India and also other parts of the world. This brand is all about women and the cloth quality is pure and comfortable. The leggings of this brand gives a perfect fit. Its price is 599 INR.

2. Classic Culture Women’s Lycra Cotton Ankle Leggings 

The next on our list of top 10 best quality leggings brands for women in India is Classic culture. It comes in all colors, variations and sizes. The quality and material is very fine. The cost of leggings is 299 INR.

3.  Fash Glam Women Premium Ankle Length Leggings 

The brands is very common among women because of its promising comfort, perfect fit and best quality cloth material. It offers length between 24-35 inches. Its cost is 450 INR.

4. Lux Lyra Women’s Churidar Leggings 

This brand in the market not only offers leggings but also salwars and chudidars. The material is of fine quality and it is value for money. The price of leggings is 265 INR.

5. Krystle Women’s Slim Jit Jeggings 

Krystle is the new range for leggings in market for women. It somewhat follows the design of modified jeggings. This brand is surely one of the top 10 best quality leggings brands in India. Krystle comes at the cost of 275 INR.

6. MSS Wings Women’s Leggings 

This is one of the leggings brands which offers the pure cotton material for its products. It gives a very comfortable fir to women at the price of 149 INR.

7. The Taran Fashion Women’s Viscose Leggings 

This brand offers leggings for women in different sizes, various designs and fits. It is popular among women in India because of its perfect fit and fine quality material. Its cost is 499 INR.

8. Devil Women Slim Fit Jeans leggings 

It offers very unique design to women. It has the look of jeans in the shape of leggings and also with all the comfort of leggings. The price is 275 INR.

9. Aashish fabrics Pack of 10 Cotton Lycra Women Leggings 

It comes in 150 GSM cotton quality. This brand of leggings is one of the top 10 best quality leggings for women in India. Its cost is 840 INR.

10. Sikhi Sewa Women’s Cotton Leggings 

Sikhi Sewa gives the best leggings in India for women. Its material is lycra-mix. The price of the leggings of this brand is 485 INR.