Top 10 oldest languages in the world


Here we will tell you the Top 10 oldest languages in the world some are still in use. The history of oldest language is always an interesting topic to know. When it comes to the first language in the world or ancient languages still in practice everyone wants to know.

The language is the base of humanity, it’s the medium by which we communicate with each other. Historically it’s very difficult to find the exact first language used in the world. But oldest discovered manuscripts in different languages tells us how old it is. Let’s explore the top 10 oldest languages in the world discovered recently:


The Sanskrit language is known as one of the oldest language used in written and spoken form. The Sanskrit is also called as God’s Language and many of the world’s popular languages are originated from it. Hindi, German and Russian are one of the languages originated from Sanskrit. Even the Sanskrit is also practiced many parts of the world presently. Sanskrit oldest language of world is also in India’s oldest language list. 


Many people consider Hebrew as the world’s oldest language. It is  one of the first language in the world. Hebrew is one of the world’s most oldest language used 5000 years ago. The language is so popular in present times too as around 10 million speakers use Hebrew to express themselves. It was also an official language of Israel.


Originated in 300 BC Tamil is also one of the top 10 oldest languages in the world. Its a widely popular language in South Eastern Asia with around 80 million native speakers of the Tamil language.


The language named after the country Greece is an ancient language discovered around 1500 BC. The most native speakers of Greek lives in Greece and Cyprus also the language has the status of an official language of European Union.


Talking about the oldest languages in the world cannot be complete without the Chinese Language. More than 1.3 billion people use Chinese as their first language. Due to long historic tradition, the Chinese language has survived from 1250 BC.


Latin is also from top oldest language in the world came into existence around 75 BC. There are millions of people who still use this classical language today. The Latin is also the official language of Poland and Vatican City. 


Around 300 million people using Arabic as the first language, the oldest inscription of Arabic language were found in 512 CE. It is a widely popular language in middle east countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, and Oman.


Armenian is one the earliest language comes from Indo-European language family. The oldest inscription found of Armenian language was in 450 BC. More than five million people still use Armenian as the native language.


The sign language of Egypt is also considered the oldest language in the world. However the language is lost with the decline of Egyptian empire but carvings engraved on the walls of many historic monuments tells the history of Egyptian language.


The persian or Farsi belongs to the region Faras (Persia) is also one of the oldest language in world. More than 100 million speakers still use the Persian lanugage for the communication.


Lithuanian is also from the Indo-European language branch and mostly popular in country Litunania and Poland. More than 10 million native speakers still using Lithuanian as the mother tounge.

The above languages are the Top 10 oldest languages in the world. We have reached this conclusion based upon the reaserch on lanuage poularity. We also considered the historic origin of the language. Please read more about the oldest language in the world and more stories on Talepost