Top 5 Viral News of the Week


Talepost brings its readers the Top 5 Viral News of the first week of January.

1. Car Damaged By Bi-cycle in China

In bicycle Vs car, it was shockingly a bicycle which stood perfectly fine. Rather it was the car’s bumper on the other hand which was damaged. Ever since this video of the clash was posted on China’s social media, it is going viral. The only question, which is ruling everyone’s mind is what is the material of this bicycle.

2. Saudi Women to Recieve Divorce Notice in Text Message

From coming Sunday women of Saudi will receive a text notification on their mobile phone. The main reason behind introducing this law is that men in Saudi used to file divorce cases without informing their wives. The lawyer from Saudi added, “The new measures ensure women get their rights when they are divorced”.

3. Casting Director gets Life Term Prison

The sad news of sexual-abuse faced by aspiring and young actresses in Bollywood has been very common. This time the court has finally announced justice to young 23-year-old aspiring actor-model.

The director, Ravindranath Ghosh met the actress in the year 2011 in a hospital, where he introduced himself as a cameraman and a casting director.

According to the viral news, it was reported that the director had promised the girl a job in whose return, he demanded sexual favours from her.

Later, he asked the victim to meet him in a lodge at Madh Island, where he raped her and took her nude pictures. After some time, he started blackmailing her for more sexual favours or he will share her pictures with her husband.

When the victim decided to quit her present job and move to another place, Ravindranath Ghosh shared her pictures with her new employer. When this case was bought to court, the director has been given life-term imprisonment and a fine of 1.31 Lakh has been imposed on him. Out of this amount, 1 Lakh would be given to the victim as a compensation of the injustice.

4. China’s spacecraft will be the first to land on the unseen face of the moon.

China has become the first ever country whose spacecraft is the first to land on the unseen side of the moon from Earth. CNSA, The China National Space Administration’s robotic probe, Chang’e 4. This spacecraft had touched the moon’s surface at 02:26 am GMT on Thursday. Thus, this news has been listed in Top 5 viral news of the week.

5. Virat Kohli breaks Sachin’s record

Virat Kohli, the skipper of Indian Cricket team has been listed as the fastest batsman who has reached 19,000 runs at international level. Thus, breaking the record made by Sachin Tendulkar. Hence, this news becomes a part of the Top 5 viral news of the week.

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