Top 7 Deadliest Jails in the World : Never Wish To See

Deadliest Jails

Deadliest Jails Around the World: An individual’s freedom is the only thing that makes his life worth living. Without freedom, he is incapable of doing anything. The idea of prisons focuses on taking this freedom from criminals. Prisons make them realize the worth of an individual’s freedom which they now regret after committing a crime. Some prisons provide prisoners with facilities such as television, mess area, games, fitness related activities and some assign duties to prisoners according to the skillset they have. While there exist some other prisons that are more like ‘hell on earth’. Following are seven Deadliest Jails all over the world.

  1. Carandiru Prison

Carandiru prison was built by Samuel das Neves in 1920. It is the place of largest human rights violation in the world. At one point, the prison became so populated that prisoners started overpowering the prison staff including guards. This resulted in a riot in 1992. There were about 8000 prisoners and only 1000 officers trying to control them. Hundreds of prisoners died in the riot. Majority of prisoners were suffering from HIV or other diseases.

  1. Prison on Petak Island

Petak Island prison is one of the worst jail one would ever want to get locked in. It is built by the Russian government in the middle of a large lake on an island. Prisoners here spend around 20 hours of each day in a solitary confinement. One can only visit the prisoners twice a year. Most of them go insane within a short span of time because of the living conditions and weather which often goes 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

  1. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison

Situated in Nairobi, one of the deadliest Jails Kamiti Prison is never in headlines for something good. Prisoners lack basic amenities such as water. They work on a daily basis to get water facilities into the prison. Having an actual capacity of 1400 prisoners, it holds around 4000 inmates there. It is often in news with rape, murders and violence inside the prison.

  1. Black Dolphin Prison

Black Dolphin Prison is famous as the worst jail in Russia. Prisoners are bent over, blindfolded and handcuffed behind their back while their entry and exit from the prison to avoid them from mapping the prison to escape. This has led to zero number of outbreaks from this jail. Prisoners stay in their cell only, all day long to avoid social contact. They cannot rest or sleep after 6 am until it’s time to sleep again. While sleeping, they have a bright yellow bulb shining over their head and they are not allowed to cover their face.

  1. La Sabaneta Prison

La Sabaneta Jail is located in Venezuela. It has a whopping 3700 number of inmates with an actual capacity of just 700. It is overcrowded and filled with violence, rapes, beheading, and murders. There is only 1 guard per 150 prisoners which makes the inmates the boss of this place. Only the powerful and rich ones get to have their own cell and basic amenities. There are no sanitation facilities also.

More About Deadliest Jails
  1. Gldani Prison 

Gldani prison in Georgia is different from all the others mentioned in the list. It is worst because the guards who work there. Guards engage in rape, sexual assault and torture for their own enjoyment.

  1. Muhanga Prison

Muhanga prison in Rwanda is the most overcrowded prison in the world. With the actual capacity of only 400 prisoners, it has 7000 prisoners stacked in the prison. Inmates stand all day long in filth and sewerage as there is not enough space to lie down or even sit. They have to sleep piled upon each other. Many of them die due to suffocation, infections from filth and diseases like AIDS.