Top 8 Back Tattoo and Piercing Ideas for Girls


Ladies with the ink not just enhance their personality but also symbolizes their strength and resistance from pain. Seeing women with tattoos is not at all a rare site anymore. With every year number of females having tattoos are increasing, hence, we bring you the best Back Tattoo designs and piercing ideas.

Top 8 Back Tattoo and Piercing Ideas for Girls

The tattoo on the back have always been in fashion and back is also considered as the canvas of the human body. The tattoo on the back is not only enhancing but also more attractive to one’s personality.

1. Back and Neck

This design is a simple yet attractive artwork of the simplified feather design stretching from back neck to the backbone midway. This gives a bold as well as subtle look to women.

2. Rose Growing through a Skull

The colour of a vibrant red rose, growing through the grey skull is just a treat to watch.

3. Eye in the Mandala

This design of eye in between the mandala is trending and at the same time very unique design.

4. Anchor

This black and grey anchor wrapped in a rope is a perfect tattoo for the base of the neck of women.

5. Letting Go

If you are a fan of emo pictures, then this is a perfect design for you to flaunt on your back.

6. Lotus Flower

This mandala design of lotus flower between the wearer’s shoulder blades is a new and refreshing design.

7. Flock of Silhouettes

This design having a flock of birds flying across the female’s back is another attracting design.

8. Pine Tree Vignette

It is a simple yet appealing design of tattoo.