Who wins the Captaincy in the “ROYAL TASK”? Bigg Boss Season 11

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All the inmates woke up with dancing on the song Nazre Mili Dil Dhadka. As you may be aware that the padosis have now become the contestants in the house, they have to perform a huge task by keeping all the gharwales being convinced with their stories or actions. Mehjabi Siddiqui is one of the padosi contestants who got emotional while talking about her family with Hina Khan, Sapna, and Vikas Gupta. Puneesh found all the stories to be very much dangerous and horrible whereas Shivani and Arshi did not get convinced. As you all know that one of the biggest things in the Bigg Boss is to change the human emotions between the relationships which happen every year. Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta had a very strong bond with each other from the starting of the show but what now? They both are now the fighters. Vikas commented on Hina Khan by saying that she usually changes her behavior according to her convenience and preference.

Not only Hina Khan but Shivani also accused Vikas of his poor behavior. Vikas got too much emotional and started commenting on Puneesh by saying that he is just living on his father’s wealth and he has nothing of his own. Hiten and Luv then start making him realize that the inmates are trying to force him to get physical and nothing else. As most of the inmates were now against Vikas, he locked himself in the bathroom and started crying. Who was happy with Vikas’s situation? Shilpa is the one who was very much happy with the situation of Vikas but on the other hand, Jyoti tried to calm Vikas. Vikas just got frustrated as all the inmates were trying to harass him; he just left the house then.

In the conference room, Bigg Boss explained Vikas that he was just overreacting with the inmates and he then apologized from the Bigg Boss by promising that he won’t ever repeat his mistake again. Arshi started irrigating him again but Hiten, Sabyasachi, and Benafsha were trying to make him calm. Now, it was the time when Bigg Boss announced the budget luxury task, which is also known as the ROYAL TASK in which Hiten was referred as the King and Shilpa & Arshi were his queens and now, both the queens had to win the heart of the king so as to become the captain of the house. Who won the captaincy?

As contestants were referred as the royal subjects who then started destroying each other’s forts and Shilpa and Arshi had to give a cal massage to Hiten. Sapna gave a leg massage to Arshi but she then left which broke Sapna but the Hiten hugged Sapna by explaining to her that he has a full respect for Sapna and she then calmed down. At the end, the love story of Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra was like taking next step in a positive direction. Just stay updated with Bigg Boss Season 11!!!