10 Best Job Search Websites in India


Finding a gainful as well as promising employment is the utmost priority for every youth of the country. If we date back to the earlier times the whole sole option people had during that time for their employment was limited. such as to have contacts within the respective institution or company otherwise, browse themselves through Job Search Websites.

As the world is progressing, thanks to the economic and technological developments that people now have an option of surfing for the jobs through the internet. The task which was monotonous and strenuous during that time has now become an easiest and interesting way to find more promising and compatible jobs for the people.

We bring you the top 10 best job search websites in India:

1. Naukri

This site in today’s time needs no introduction and is rated as one of the topmost sites in India for searching for employment. Naukri was founded in 1997 and this web portal has expanded at such a great pace and now maintains an excellent user database and traffic on its online portals.

2. Shine

Shine is another job searching website in India which is owned by the very famous media brand, Hindustan Times. Over this portal, many companies showcase their hiring opportunities to the people belonging from different areas for work.

3. Monster

Monster is of the largest online platform in India for searching good employment all over the world. Furthermore, it maintains an excellent track record of providing employment to many people in search of jobs.

4. Freshersworld

As the name of this web portal suggests, it is a large and well-known platform for searching jobs over the country, especially for the freshers.

5. Linkedln

Although this is not a complete job search website if you are in a practice of the profession, you are expected to have an account on this website as it also provides you with the opportunity of connecting to the people belonging to the same field of the world you belong to.

6. FreelanceMyWay

It is a very innovative idea for both the party- Employer and employee to connect on an online platform and start working according to each other’s preferences. This portal is also featured in the Forbes magazine.

7. Indeed

Indeed is a US-based job search portal but over the years has grown tremendously over 60 other countries including India. There are thousands of people who are using this portal to meet their employment needs.

8. Glassdoor

 This is a fantastic job search portal in the country which also allow its users to set their job preferences along with the facility of uploading their resume as well on the same site.

9. JobSarkari

Despite of the fact of the great pace development of private jobs in the country. Government jobs are considered the best of the slot in the employment area in the country. Hence, this is one of the best Job Search Websites and an excellent opportunity to provide employment in the same.

10. Upwork

The kind of job that does not require the employee to stick to his or her desk for 12 hours in the office, the, in that case, Upwork is a perfect choice for the employment search platform in the country.