An American film director, producer, and screenwriter, Zachary Edward Snyder was also known as Zack Snyder was born on March 1, 1996. He had made his debut with the film Dawn of the Dead in the year 2004. Since then he has always managed to make such types of films which gain a lot of appreciation at the box office. Zack Snyder is such a popular filmmaker that his name solely is able to launch thousands of angry tweets. We bring you the list of top 5 movies by Zack Snyder, which are must watch for all the people, loving the action and drama of his movies.

Top 5 Best Zack Snyder Movies Everyone Must Watch

1. 300

This is an American Epic War Film directed by Zack Snyder just after the success of his first debut film, the Dawn of the Dead. This movie was also based on the comic series of 1988. The theme and storyline of the film revolve around the king Leonidas who has led 300 Spartans against the against the Persian God King.

2. Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

This American film was released in the year 2016, featuring characters of DC comics such as Batman and Superman. This Batman Vs. Superman is the first film ever to feature first live-action film with Batman and Superhero and all the credit goes to Zack.

3. Justice League

Though this movie cannot be completely be called a Zack Synder Movie as after it was directed y him, this was heavily reshot and re-edited by other before it went on air. According to all the lovers of Zack’s movies, it was said that they would have even preferred the non-edited version. They prefer Zack’s movie because it would have had more than superheroes. At last, this movie still maintains a good TRP on the box office.

4. Watchmen

when it comes to  Zack Snyder for adapting comics, we’re definitely left to wonder how much credit he deserves for creating visuals he did not entirely create. This movie ruled the hearts of many action lovers and till date is most preferred to watch. By the audience despite of the fact it was released a long time ago.

5. Man of Steel

It is another superhero film featuring Superman from the DC comics. Despite of the fact that this movie was greeted with mix reviews. It became is surprising hit on the box office and audience loved to watch this action movie. Critics were also full of praise for this movie, “Man of Steel”.