8th August – The day India recalls 72nd Anniversary of Quit India Movement


72nd Anniversary of Quit India Movement: Independence Day 2018

It was the time when the British government was running it’s own set of rules. People were mapping a way out to win the World War II. Indian soldiers working for British Government were going overseas to fight for the Britishers and sail them to victory. In India, the urge of gaining complete independence from the British rule has turned up into a mass movement and everyone wanted to throw the British government out of the picture. For every agitation, there is an origin responsible for it. To bring the aggressive vibes into a controllable note Britishers came up with Cripps Mission which instead of curbing the chaos, led to observe India the Quit India Movement.

The Reason:

The Cripps Mission has formulated to the transfer the power to India in a progressive and distributive pace. In return, India is demanding to give a full cooperation during the war.  Mahatma Gandhi gave an influential call to the nation as ‘Do or Die’. Either drive the country towards independence or die by citing your name in the golden pages of History.


And that is how all it happened:

Also known as August Kranti Diwas, the movement was launched at the Bombay Session of the All-India Congress Committee (AICC. A draft was launching in the Mumbai session of AICC which states that if the demand for the transfer of power is below fulfillment on a serious not then the Government will observe a nationwide Civil disobedience movement. This was becoming the most aggressive movement as per the effort by India National Congress.

The movement was getting its very effective influence and eventually, the Government was preparing to declare a mass imprisonment of all major Indian National Congress leaders. They were in jail until the war ended in the year 1945. The INC was claiming to be unconstitutional and unofficial. All its offices were closing under government. The leaderless protest was becoming violent. A widespread act of sabotage was becoming common in the form of raids and setting a fire at railway stations, government buildings and post offices. All the chaos was getting under control in a few weeks and the Quit India Movement was evading by the year 1943.

Effect of the movement

The movement was the most effective in its terms and the time of its launch. India was getting free from the dominance of Britishers. They knew all they need is to negotiate into a peaceful withdrawal of power.  The movement was getting all its turbulence but eventually was failing to uproot the evil of slavery. The movement was becoming full of enthusiasm and unity but didn’t have power. Thus when all INC leader were behind the bars, there was left no one to influence. There was nobody to lead Indian and thus government got the hold of the situation easily. Another reason is the lack of interest shown by businessmen and students who were under the Azad Hind Fauj. But with the strong influence of this movement, India finally got independence in the year 1947.