Defamation notice from Honeypreet troubles Rakhi Sawant


Honeypreet is again in the news as her mother recently sent a defamation notice to Rakhi Sawant. Well, well! It has been all too quiet after Dera Sacha Sauda’s leader Ram Rahim has been behind the bars for his disgraceful act of molesting two sadhvis.

Subsequently, his ‘adopted daughter’, Honeypreet was arrested for instigating violence after Ram Rahim’s sentencing.

Unfolding the mystery behind Honeypreet?

After numerous other revelations, many women have become vocal about their share of unfortunate experiences with Ram Rahim and Honeypreet. Some of these women include actors Rakhi Sawant and Marina. Both of claim of sexual assault by Ram Rahim.

According to actor and model Marina, Baba Ram Rahim is a drug and a sex addict. She accused him of groping her and offering all the money that she needed. She further added that the incident took place in the presence of Honeypreet Insan.

According to several reports, the ex Bigg Boss contestant also tweeted about the incident but after received several threats, she deleted the tweets.

Swirling Allegations On Honeypreet

Marina also took to Twitter following her interview, saying that she required support from everyone.

On the other hand, controversial queen, Rakhi Sawant not only exposed Ram Rahim but also Honeypreet Insan.

She claimed that Honeypreet was extremely close to Baba Ram Rahim and that he couldn’t live without her. Simply meaning that there was a sexual connection between the two of them; making their relationship more than that of a father and daughter.

A futile attempt to reveal the real side of Honeypreet

Rakhi Sawant further added that her closeness to Ram Rahim was infuriating and a major concern for Honeypreet as it made her quite uncomfortable and insecure.

But, soon after Rakhi Sawant had to face the music as Honeypreet’s mother Asha Taneja sent her a legal notice accusing her of declaiming and defaming her daughter as a means of a cheap publicity stunt. She asked the actor to release a public statement apologising to Honeypreet or compensate for the negative publicity by giving 5 crores.

A Huge Compensation Amount

However, the actor wasn’t going to take any nuisance and said that she would counter-sue Taneja for 20 crores for making false accusations.

She set the record straight and clarified that she indeed had proof against Ram Rahim and Honeypreet which she’ll be presenting in the court.

It is also possible that it is Asha Taneja’s lawyer Momin Malik’s cheap strategy for unwanted publicity.

Moreover, the actor added that Asha Taneja should be ashamed of herself. She tried to get the actor’s money, unlike her daughter. She said that she would not spare anyone who eyes her hard earned money.

Of late, Rakhi has been working in a biopic on Ram Rahim’s life. She will portray the role of Honeypreet Insan. According to several media outlets,  the movie would end by Baba Ram Rahim and his ‘adopted daughter’ being sentenced to jail. The defamation notice seems to act as a safeguard for Honeypreet’s ruining respect.

The date of the release of the biopic is still under bubbles.

Anyhow, the actor’s audacity tends to be applauding and that is something to learn from.

So, if anyone ever lets you down, you should always know how to come back up. This defamation notice can help Honeypreet get into the limelight again. It’ll also give a tough time to Rakhi Sawant.