Top 10 Bollywood Movie Dialogues in 2018

Top 10 Bollywood Movie Dialogues in 2018

All the Bollywood lovers out there it’s the perfect time to reload your love towards the Indian cinema. We are fortunate to witness the warm voyage of the Bollywood film fraternity. Our Indian cinema has passed another golden year. We can say that it is one more year richer than before. Right from the time of the beginning of Hindi film history, we had countless memorable dialogues to cherish throughout the life. Today we are about to reveal the top 10 dialogues of 2018. In order of serving the incredible dose to your attachment with the Indian Cinema.  This year has been experienced several flavours of filmmaking whether it is action, thriller, romance, masala or so on. But there is no doubt that some dialogues grabbed the special place in the heart of the folks. These dialogues are as follows

1 Koi Dhandha Chota Nahi Hota Aur Dhandhe Se Bada koi Dharm Nahi Hota

This sort of motivational dialogue from the memorable movie of SRK’s Raees is enough to blow the minds of the audience. Especially for those who belong to the hypothetical era of professionalism.

2 Salamat Hai Har Woh Bete Ka Papa Jiske Sath Hai Ganpati Bappa

This amazing dialogue of the year 2018 belongs to the remake of Judwa more popularly known as Judwaa 2.

3 Yakeen Ek Tubelight Ki Tarah Hpota Hai Der Se Jalta Hai Lekin Jab Jalta Hai Toh Full Light Kar Deta Hai

Who can forget this finely written dialogue of the film Tubelight? Salman Khan marked the benchmarks of an ideal showcase of acting through this movie.

4 Biwi Pass Chahiye Toh Ghar Mein Sandas Chahiye

This dialogue formed the scope of extended awareness for the toilet in India, this is very clear that this dialogue came from the movie Toilet.

5 Mard Woh Nahi Hota Jisey Dard Nahi  Hota Hai Mard Woh Hota Hai Jo Naa Kisi ko Dard Detra Hai Naa Dene Deta Hai

This positive dialogue marked its recognition all the way from Shubh Mangal Savdhan. Despite the fact that this movie didn’t create any havoc on the box office.

6 Boyfriend Hona koi Character Flaw Thodi Hai! Ladke Patana Toh Talent Hota Hai

This hard-hitting dialogue turned the phase of mindsets towards a new direction lands from the movie called Simran. Kangana Ranaut gave a remarkable performance in this movie.

7 Kuch Chizein Aise Tootti Hai Ki Unka Doobara Judna Possible Nahi Hota Sirf Daraarein Reh Jaati Hai

This dialogue redefined the pain of separations from the Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starer Half girlfriend,

8 Log Kya Sochenge Agar Yeh Bhi Hum Sochenge Toh Log Kya Sochenge

This dialogue from the movie kaabil has recreated the charm of great philosophy.

9 Dhundne SE Bhagwaan Bhi MIl Jata Hai, Aur Jo MIla Hai Wohi Dhundna Hoga Soch ke Toh Dekho

This interesting dialogue made its presence from the film Jab Harry Met Sejal.

10 Likh Ke DijIye

There is no sign of doubt that this dialogue has generated hyper standards of smartness. You must be remembering that this fabulous dialogue belongs To Rajkumar Rao starer Newton.