UP Elections News: After a lot of drama, we saw on television in one of the biggest political family affairs in Uttar Pradesh. Samajwadi Party now reassembled in the leadership of young Akhilesh in association with Rahul Gandhi from Indian National Congress to grab the Chief Minister seat in next assembly elections. Here we collected 12 big promises Samajwadi Party Made to win the elections.

Free Smartphone and Skill training to youth: Youth population plays a very important role in turning the politcal wind in any party’s favour, hence Akhilesh Yadav addressed it correctly by offering a free smartphone to youth. Winning over free laptop distribution can’t be ignored from last assembly elections in UP.

Farmer’s Loan Weaver and Right price for Corps: Like every election, the promise has been made to attract farmer to vote for S.P. to get their loans weaved off. Samajwadi party also promising to ensure right prices for the corps.


1000 Rupees Monthly pension to poor and staples under 10 rupees in urban poor population.

Expansion for Dial 100 network to get instant police help in most part of the state, currently, the facility is only available to major cities.

33% Reservation to the Women in Government Services and 50% reservation in Panchayats and Local body elections.

To ensure Electricity, Water, and Transportation to each village of the Uttar Pradesh.

Free Bicycle to all students of class 9th till 12th based on merit.

To avail Milk powder to students of poor families.

10 Lakh Houses for Scheduled and Backword class families.

4 Lane roads to connect each district in the state and 6 lane highways to connect top cities. Metro is also included for expansion in big cities.

The inclusion of minority and backward classes into welfare schemes based upon demographic proportion.

To offer pressure cookware to ladies from poor families.


These are the top most promises in UP Elections made by Samaj Wadi Party contesting with the Manifesto tag line: Kaam Bolta Hai

Let’s wait for the results and see who will win the chair of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017.