The Hong Kong protest against China has become one of the most viral and discussed issues in the world. Today, Talepost brings you a detailed account on this protest and what are the major demands of Hong Kong people from Mainland China.

This protest is known to be one of the most hi-tech protest due to the protection gears and secret platforms for exchanging information about the protest. The people in the protest are seen wearing hard hats and eye gears to protect them from the tear gas released by the government. They are also using a platform for exchanging messages which is fully encrypted and cannot be hacked by the government. The major demand behind this protest is that Hong Kong wants major democracy.

History behind Hong Kong Protest

Not many people are aware that Hong Kong belongs to mainland China but it has its own government, currency, cultural diversity and nationalism. People of Hong Kong do not like to be addressed as Chinese people. After Britishers released the country and the Union Territory Hong Kong around 150 years ago, at that time new policy was framed- “one country, two systems”.

Reason behind protest

Hong Kong being an independent country is still being controlled indirectly through China by the medium of government. A new rule was also released by the government that all the prisoners will be sent to China jail. The chief leader of Hong Kong is elected after the 1,200 people’s partly in which more than 70% are pro-Beijing (in China support). Even after being a separate country the government elections are strongly influenced by Chinese government.

Major demands of Hong Kong protest

Below-mentioned are the fiver major demands of the Hong Kong protesters-
1. Withdraw the bill for
2. Leader Carrie Lam to step down
3. An inquiry into police brutality, for those who have been arrested to be released
4. Greater democratic freedoms.

Not many people understand the main reason behind protesting at the airport. As mentioned earlier, this Hong Kong protest is one of its kind. People choose to protest at the airport so that, no police force or country force will be able to harm them.It is because it will also harm the lives of other people. The airport chosen to protest is known to be one of the busiest airports in Asia.

Effect of the Hong Kong protest on the economy

The Hong-Kong protest has greatly affected the economy of the country. This is because, Hong-Kong is one of the major trading partners to Mainland China. Sudden drop in the trading is clearly visible from this protest. Several lights to Hong Kong are also being affected. People have noted 5% drop in the passengers travelling to Hong Kong.

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