States of India Affected by 2019 Floods- Many on Red Alert


Usually, people don’t want monsoon season to end. However, this monsoon, many states of India are being affected by the 2019 floods and the dead toll has increased up to 241. States including Gujrat, Kerala, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Maharashtra and even Andhra Pradesh have become the victims of the floods. There has been a huge loss of life and destruction of property as well. Many families have lost their homes and some of them even lost their family members.

The current situation of 2019 floods in Indian states

Let us talk about the present scenario in all the Indian states affected by floods briefly;


The worst hit by the 2019 floods is Malappuram, the northern district in Kerala . Due to heavy rainfall, another major reason apart from floods behind this destruction was landslides. A 121 deaths in Kerala and bodies and still being found. In Malappuram, 58 people have died, 13 were missing. More than hundreds of families have lost their livelihood and home.

1,789 houses have been completely destroyed by the floods and around 14,542 are severely damaged. The state government has declared to give a compensation of 4 lakh to the deceased. Also a minimum amount of 10,000 to people affected by floods.


The next state on our list of India states affected by 2019 floods is Maharashtra. In this state, majorly the Pune division has endured more complications. More than 50 people have died and 8 are still missing. The ATM machines have also stopped working because of the heavy rainfall. Around 46 small villages of the state were completely cut off due to floods.

Defence PRO said;

“De-induction of some of the teams have started. Most are now involved in distributing relief material and medicines. 2.5 tons of ration delivered to villages of Rajapur and Rajapur Wadi. Medical camp doctors along with medical supplies sent to villages.”


The floods in the state of Uttrakahnd has caused a havoc among people as over dozens of houses have been washed away in the floods and many people have died. The rescue department is still getting notifications for the missing people. The cultivation and crops have also been destroyed fully. Various teams are being sent to aid the 2019 flood victims.

Himachal Pradesh

The heavy rainfall in the state of Himachal Pradesh has led to floods and have caused around 28 deaths. Many people have been reported as missing and huge loss of property has been witnessed.


The 2019 floods in India has not spared the state of Karnataka and has caused 78 deaths. Thousands of people have been shifted to relief camps and many doctors are being sent to the camps to give assistance to the flood aided victims.


The state of Gujrat has also partially immersed in water due to the 2019 floods. Along with loss of life, many houses were washed away, people went missing, property and crop were also damaged. The government of the state has been trying to help the flood affected victims.

Apart from the above-metioned states of India, other states including Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and many other have also been affected by the 2019 floods.