Why you should buy Indian Products? 5 Strong Reasons


We are Indian but never bother the products we use home are not actually made in India. Over the period of time, Indian products emerged as much better in quality rather than the competitive product makers from the world. As Indian, we feel proud to say that our products are just famous in India but also the other part of the world.

Due to the influence of marketing tactics used by foreign companies in India our consumers divert their attention towards their products. This is the main reason behind most of the latest products in Indian market are not actually Indian. Here we are sharing 5 strong reasons to buy Indian products only.

1. Being Indian: It is not about sentiment but using own country products is a way to convey the loyalty in country made products. If you start using country made goods, you will notice that the goods you are using actually not bad in quality. Although you are not used to of buying these products but slowly you will. The best example is Russia and China who’s most population uses country made products only and contributes towards nations progress.

2. Widely Popular Indian Products: Our goods are not just popular but in the certain part of the world there is no compliment of those products. Indian Tea, Coffee, Ayurveda, Cosmetics and Organic grains are much popular in other countries.

3. Economic Benefits: Using India made products also helps our economy to boost because these products are made by Indian workers and companies. These small companies contribute towards the Indian Economic Growth. For you buying Indian products costs less than buying other products.

4. Products for Everyone: The Swadeshi movement has stepped forward from the Delhi Hatt stalls now companies like Patanjali are making products for every household be it a toothbrush, toothpaste, oil, grains, cosmetics or anything that you can imagine in your household.  There are many other companies are making products since ages like Dabur, Ajanta, Atlas Cycles, Bajaj, Voltas, Blue Star Reliance and more. Today products made by them are highly competitive and excellent in quality.  Under the Organic India products initiative you will get best quality food items so why choose else.

5. A gift to Next Generation: Using country made products is a symbol of prosperity that you can preserve as a heritage for the next generation. It will help them to be independent in future and self-sustaining with our resources. Also, by doing this you can contribute towards reaching the goal of a developed country.

We would also suggest you not just use Indian products available in the market but also try to make such products i.e. home remedies to avoid any chemical based product penetrated by the neighboring countries for profit motivation.