Vince, who is a French building conglomerate has recently purchased the majority of the second busiest, the airport of London, Gatwick. The airport was sold to Vinci at $3 Billion. The Gatwick airport is also said to be the eighth-biggest airport in Europe.

The Gatwick airport was last week in news headlines, because of some mysterious droned flying over the runway and affecting thousands of passengers.

Vinci, the buyer of Gatwick Airport

It is not the first time, Vinci has made a grand purchase of an airport. Vinci also owns airports in Japan, Serbia, and Brazil. Thus, coming to be known as one of the “Top 5 Global Players in the International Airport Sector”. When we come to calculate the total number of airport properties owned by Vinci, it comes out to be 46 airports in 12 countries. Which directly means, total traffic of 228 million passengers a year.

It is however announced that there would be no immediate changes in the functioning of the airport.

Gatwick’s CEO Stewart Wingate further said, 

“continuity but also a further investment for passengers”.

Major Interesting Facts about Gatwick Airport

1. Even after having the single runway, the airport of London has set the world record of 950 flights in a day in 2017.

2. The airport exhibits an extreme level of efficiency in all the operations, be it self-baggage drop, aircraft queuing systems, parking products or what not.

3. There are around 24,000 people who work at Gatwick Airport.