‘Light Speed’ spacecraft technology:National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has come up with yet another innovative technology. This time they have come up with a special space-machine that works without the propellers to reach in the space. Apart from this, the bigger highlight of this space-machine is that the machine can move at the speed of light. Isn’t this unbelievable?

‘Light Speed’ spacecraft technology: This space-machine is claiming to be able to move into the space using engines that even don’t need ‘fuel’. This machine has been designed according to the third ‘law of motion’ of Newton that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
The innovation is called ‘Helical Engine’. This engine was designed by NASA engineer at the Marshall Space Flight Centre located in Alabama. The science used behind is the use of a single blast that needs no propellers due to the mass-altering phenomena that occurs at light speed approximately.

‘Light Speed’ spacecraft technology: Now that the helical engine is able to travel at light speed approximately, it is very possible that the space-machine will be able to make it to the space in the first attempt.
David Burns, who is one of the scientists behind this innovation, submitted the paper on NASA’s website where he in-details talk about the explanation about how this machine works. In the paper, he says “the helical engine is basically a ring placed within a box that bounces in one direction while with the box recoils in the opposite direction. When the ring placed inside the box hits the end, it springs backwards, resulting in the box’s recoil direction changing as well”.

‘Light Speed’ spacecraft technology: Other part of explanation states that, “Under usual circumstances, this would only make the box wiggle back and forth. However, since both the box and the ring would be travelling at the speed of light, by the time the ring would reach the front end of the box, its mass would increase since it would travel faster while bouncing back. This would result in forward momentum.”

This is how the whole space-machine works as the paper says. Yet again, NASA has some path breaking innovation that shows a new way to the space centres around the globe.