Navratri festival marks the beginning of the most important festivals of Hindus. The Navratri celebrations can be seen in every street of the different states in India. It is a festival where all people pray to goddess Durga for her blessings and seek forgiveness for one’s sins. This festival is enjoyed along with the Dandiya beats and happiness all around. Festival of Navratri is celebrated in unique and innovative ways in different parts of India. Today, let us discuss some of the most popular Navratri celebrations in India.

Navratri celebrations across India

1. Navratri celebrations in West Bengal, Odisha, Assam and Bihar

The eastern states of India- West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, and Bihar, are known for their celebrations of Navratri all over the world. Here the Navratri celebrations are called Durga Puja. The schools, colleges, and offices are also shit during these days of celebrations. During these days, people get to see women dressed in beautiful Bengali sarees, glittery pandals can be spotted across the streets with beautiful idols of Ma Durga and much more. If you are planning to visit West-Bengal, then a visit during this festival is a must as it also offered travelers to have insights of Bengali culture.

2. Navratri in Tamil Nadu

The festival of nine special nights is celebrated with great excitement and enthusiasm in the state of Tamil Nadu. People worship goddess Durga, goddess Saraswati and goddess Laxmi during the Navratri celebrations. The entire state looks beautiful during these nine days.

3. Celebrations in Gujrat

Navratri is one of the most awaited and loved festivals for the people of Gujrat. For people living in this state, the festival of Navratri means nine night of Garba and Dandiya with endless fun and thrilling experience. During these days, people get dressed in the traditional Gujrati dresses and eat some of the most famous local-state dishes.

4. Festival of Navratri in Punjab

The next state on our list of Navratri celebrations in India is Punjab. People of the state of Punjab, fast for all seven days and later worship young girls (Kanjak) and give them gifts or money. Some of the most popular dishes cooked on the day of Kanjak Puja are Puri, Chole, Halwa, etc.

5. Celebrations in Amchi Mumbai

It can be said that Navratri celebrations in the city of Mumbai are quite similar to the ones in Gujrat. There are many parties, Garba and Dandiya nights organized in the public places of the city. If you are by any chance in the city during Navratri, then experiencing the local street during the night of these nine days is must for best experience.

In this blog, we read about the different types of Navratri celebrations in different parts of India. If you want to share your Navratri celebrations with the Talepost team, then the submissions are welcomed through the comments section below.

Happy Navratri!!

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