Raksha Bandhan 2018: What It Means for You on Raksha Bandhan?


Some relations in the world stays same right till the time your last breath. These bonds can never find enough words to pertain the perfect description. Yes, we are talking about the purest relation existing on our planet that the relation of brother and a sister. This love of siblings gets by far more special when you touch the grounds of India.

There is a festival which is known as Raksha Bandhan which is solely dedicated to cherishing the infinite understanding of siblings. You all must be knowing that Raksha Bandhan is about to arrive on next week. All necessary preparation for this festival has been started. We would love to serve a brief enlightenment based on the value of this festival.

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan?

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

According to the religious books of Hindu religion it has been mentioned that Draupadi who was the wife of Pandavas tied rakhi in the wrist of Lord Krishna there after this festival turned to be the biggest tradition of the Indians. Foremost we would like to tell you that this festival belongs from the Hindu religion.

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most auspicious festivals of India. The occasion of this warm festival directly reflects the countless shades of the Asia continent. Raksha Bandhan is the combination of two words one is the Raksha and the other is the Bandhan. Raksha stands for the intense protection and Bandhan stands for the bond between brother and sister.

This festival knocks the door of the people on the Shravan month which is one of the most prominent months according to the hindi calendar. Raksha Bandhan brings a fully loaded dose of tons of smiles, happiness and love all around the family. This is the reason why the siblings keep on waiting for this incredible festival.

The main thing which carries the entire essence of this festival is Rakhi. Basically, rakhi is the thread that a sister ties on the wrist of her brother. Apart from this, it is also prevalent among sister in laws which means and bhabhi and nephew and aunt meaning Bua and Bhatija.this festival never limits the existence of love as sisters use to tie the rakhi to their Rakhi Brother as well with whom she is not sharing any sort of blood relation. In return for this love, brother gives a lifelong promise to his sister which specifies the major protection of her.  After this ritual sister offers sweets to their brothers and lastly brother gives a token of love to his brother which is named as Shagun.

Raksha Bandhan also called as Rakhi in North India

It is the specification of the piousness that in the utmost understanding between siblings. They grow together, they learn together, their attachment is enough to face any kind of difficulty, they fight together, they laugh together they cry together, they walk through the passage of life holding each other hand, they know how to annoy each other or how to bring that endearing smile on each other face. Brother or sister is the strongest support system of life. Nothing can be more heart touching than a festival which grabs it all in the arms of the infinity.

Raksha Bandhan is the perfect assimilation of all heart touching moral values that the land of India contains. It is impossible to portray the beauty of this festival on the set of some lines. The sibling love is needless of any definition. It is a mesmerising bond filled with a blend of unconditional love. So, just go and celebrate this tremendous festival to the fullest of your sanity. Bring  alive those priceless memories of your bond with your sister or brother. Make it immortal with endless drench of love.