First Week Collection of Sui Dhaaga

First week collection of a movie decides the amount of love it’s getting from people. Sui dhaaga releases on approximately 2,500 screens across India. First week collection of this movie is Rs. 8.30 crore on Friday at the domestic market.  Sui Dhaaga has collected Rs 12.25 crore on day 2 of the release. The movie Sui Dhaaga is on the upward slope as the days increase. The target scope for the film are families and it’s a pure entertainment from all segments.

Will, it makes to the hit list or not?

Sui Dhaaga has seen a rise in the footfalls during the evening show, seeing that there was India vs. Bangladesh Asia Cup final. It can be related to the reduction in the profits in the evening of Friday. First week collection profits are Rs. 8.30 cr on Friday, Rs. 12.25 cr on Saturday.  We can assume that there would be whooping Rs. 20 cr on the third day.

With no competition from any other films, is likely that the weekend will be extremely satisfactory for the filmmakers. As there is also Gandhi Jayanthi on Tuesday, and as it will be a national holiday, it might interest people to attend the movie. This can further increase the collections. Although the collection for Sui Dhaaga is raising to over 40% in comparison to the first day, it is typically less for a Varun Dhawan film.

Sui Dhaaga estimates to have a revenue of Rs. 50 cr for production including all prints and advertising. It will be a hit if it crosses Rs. 60 cr and an average film if it crosses Rs. 50 cr.

Box Office Review

The movie Sui Dhaaga features Varun Dhawan as the male lead and Anushka Sharma as the female protagonist. Sharat Katariya is the director of this movie and it’s a simple story of hardships and struggle. They face a lot of hardships in fulfilling their dream of having a good life. The male lead in the film is an unemployed small-town man who wishes to start his own garment business by defying all odds.

This is the story is about Anushka Sharma (Mamta) and Varun Dhawan (Mauji), a young wife and husband who belong to a community of artisans. They have over a couple of generations increasingly turned their backs on their inherited trade which consist of tailoring, embroidery, block printing and other work involving garments and fabric since the income from these is barely sufficient for their daily needs.

A struggle against poverty and class setting

Though in a contrasting class setting, Mauji’s father pushes his back on a profession that his heart is not fond of. Here, however, the parent’s goal for Mauji is not wealth but survival. Even if it means to get a treatment like a chattel by his employer.

Sui Dhaaga is about the couple’s joint struggles to become self-sufficient. By turning Mauji’s talent in tailoring into a profitable venture in the big city they bring a smile on the face of others. Mauji wants more than just money, Mamta wants self-respect for herself and her husband.