Surat Based Billionaire Gives 600 Cars As Diwali Gifts

Surat Based Billionaire Gives 600

What Can you expect from your company as a Diwali gift? A box of sweets? Holidays? Silver or gold glasses? Well, you might feel a little jealous of the employees of Hare Krishna Exports. The reason? The company gave away 600 cars to its employees.

It’s a matter of fact that every year the company gives away amazing Diwali gifts. Not just this, the ceremony of the company is so huge that even our Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi had joined the show. The owner of the Hare Krishna Exports never disappoints its employees in terms of the festive gifts.

The diamond merchant handled over the keys of 600 employees of the company as per his loyalty program. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave away 4 cars to the 4 employees of the company. Among these 4 employees, one was a handicapped woman, which the company is proud of.

The billionaire has also posted a picture with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the social media. The picture captioned that around 1700 engineers and diamond artists have been given away Diwali gifts as part of our loyalty program.

Maruti Cars as the gifts

The engineers and the diamond artists got Maruti Suzuki Cars “Celerio” and Renault KWID. These cars were in bulk as large as a bulk of around 600 cars.
The on road price of these cars are 4.4 lakhs and 5.38 lakhs respectively. Well, that’s a huge amount one can think of. Moreover, the businessman also stated that there are about 5500 employees currently working in the company. Amongst them, 4000 have received cars as the part of the plan.

600 cars image
600 cars gifted to employees

History Repeated again
In the year 2016, the businessman gave away around 400 flats (apartment) and 1260 cars to its employees as a Diwali gift. Since then, the businessman has been known for his lavish Diwali gifts to his employees.

The reports say that the business started his business from a very small loan from his uncle. Right now, he is known nationwide for his lavish gifts. The businessman is from the Amreli district in the region of Saurashtra.

The businessman believes that this kind of event is important for the company since it motivates the clients towards working better. For the businessman, the happiness of the employees is everything. No matter how much it costs, every year, the businessman gives away lavish gifts for the happiness of his employees.

So share this post to your boss and who knows, that you get a marvelous Diwali gift from your company.