The Haunting of Hill House Review:-Why Netflix’s new TV Series has raised the bar in the horror category!


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Over the years, there have many different TV shows dabbling in the supernatural and horror, and yet none have quite made their point like The Haunting of Hill House.  Starting from Penny Dreadful to the American Horror Story, horror shows have improved significantly from the time when garish make-up and a pitiable plot used to dominate the shows.  However, Netflix’s newest creation has dominated the minds of the public with its ability to show both subtle and sudden horrifying actions in the story, making it rather creepy and alarming for the viewers.

The Haunting of Hill House uses many interesting methods to bring our attention to this ghoulish drama

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The following article will contain spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the show, we suggest you turn back at once! And if you still want to read it, do so at your own peril. To those who have watched it, we all know how The Haunting of the Hill House has managed to attract the viewers with their good plot lines and commendable acting. However, there are a few subtle reference points which make it a solid attempt in the horror genre and give it a place of its own. Here are a few reasons why it is definitely a must watch!

1. A solid plot

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It’s sad to say but it’s the truth- most horror shows tend to have a strong start, but lose their plot midway, becoming more unintelligible ad giving way to random panic-stricken screaming. So, it is indeed refreshing to see a horror TV show with a strong plot and suspense left in all the episodes. The reason for their mother’s death, the reason for Nellie’s nightmares, the reason for Luke’s addiction- everything is explained eventually in the end and slowly over time. It sets up the show for a good climax.

2. The transition between past and present

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The past shown in the Hill House and the present in different cities has a beautiful transition shown between both of them in the show. Starting from the past to interlocked scenes in the present, there are no awkward or sudden jumps in the show.  The ghosts of the past come together with the ghosts of the present to give a ghastly experience.

3. The manipulative dream-like logic and the inability to differentiate reality and delusion

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Olivia, a sane mother is given many horrifying flashes of her kids’ probable future by a certain ghost, which convinces her to do the unthinkable. It is hard to know the difference between a tangible and intangible item, as the characters drift in and out of their moments.  The fact that each character sees a ghost not visible by the others gives force to this logic and makes way for a much sinister plot to unfold.  The presence of delusions and the ghosts altogether make it difficult to understand which one is real and which is not.

4. The subtle presence of many ghosts throughout the house

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Truth be told, whether it is day or night, there are many ghosts or certain occurrences happening all the time in the Hill House. And not all ghosts make a dramatic entrance. Most choose to be seen in the background silently while the main characters go on with their actions and conversations, leaving the viewers to understand with bated breath, how truly sinister the atmosphere is.

So what are you waiting for? Catch up The Haunting of Hill House in Netflix and get ready for a spooky delight!