Top 5 upcoming Hollywood movies of 2019


Movies are an astounding medium of expression. They evoke emotion which very few one-dimensional art forms have succeeded in capturing. As of now, Hollywood is expected to have a killer season ahead in the upcoming year. With amazing movies coming up, theatres are expected to be full and awards shows will have some great contenders. Whether the genre is romantic or comedy or drama thriller, it is expected to be quite good. A host of good directors are returning after a long time to direct great movies that will leave the viewers intrigued and flabbergasted. There are many top contenders for the role of upcoming movies that are guaranteed to be a smash hit this year. We shall discuss the five most awaited movies that should definitely be checked on the big screen:-

1. Pokémon Detective Pikachu

With the presence of the charming Ryan Reynolds in the main cast, this movie is guaranteed to make a big splash in theaters soon. With a different take on the usually lighthearted anime franchise, it is expected to make viewers of all ages and genders gasp and laugh along with their favorite animated characters. With a promising plot so far, Detective Pikachu should definitely be worthy of keeping a lookout for.

2. Glass

When Split came and left theaters with many flabbergasted and overjoyed fans, it was very much expected that a sequel would be coming through soon. And director M. Night Shyamalan doesn’t exactly disappoint either. Featuring one of the most popular villains of Unbreakable, Mr.Glass, Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis will join this cast alongside James McAvoy to give another terrifying yet mind-riveting thriller.

3. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Based on the tumultuous times of 1969 Hollywood, acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino is creating an interesting movie whose events take place around the same time as the infamous Manson Murders. Expect it to have the spicy intriguing flavor that is characteristic of Tarantino along with a stellar cast to strengthen the plot.

4. Lion King

Name a Disney Movie that has been a classic for immemorial times and you will inevitably find the name of Lion King. The perfect blend of comedy and drama will be showing a live action version of itself on the 25th anniversary of the original release. Directed by Jon Favreau, this movie should definitely be watched for the sake of nostalgia and good old memories of one of the first instances where an animated movie made viewers cry.

5. Where’d you go, Bernadette

With a marvelous cast of Laurence Fish Bourne, Cate Blanchett and Kristin Wiig and a great director attached like Richard Linklater, this movie is definitely worth a watch. Expected to be of the comedy-drama category, this movie should definitely intrigue viewers with its simple and yet profound concept. Based on a novel with the same name, it is expected that with such a stellar cast, the task of converting it on the silver screen has been given to worthy people.

There are of course many more amazing movies like Rocketman, HellBoy reboot, John Wick sequel, Dumbo coming up along with a plethora of sequels for both serious cinemas as well as the counterparts of the superhero universe(Marvel and DC).


So what are you waiting for? Get going and clear your calendar for 2019. It’s literally going to be one amazing blockbuster of a year!