We never hear about parties without Breezers. Breezer is the alcohol-based fruit drinks. They are extremely refreshing. These drinks come in variant and tasty flavors in India along with many different countries. Breezers are extremely popular in countries like Europe, Australia, Canada, and many others as the list is too long. One would be surprised to know that Breezer ranks on the top of the ready to drink market category.

Different Flavors of Breezers available in India

The list of flavors of Breezer is too long. Not to worry, we have got all the things sorted for our readers. Based on the popularity of Breezer flavors among the people, we have combined a list of top 10 flavors of Breezers, that one can taste in India.

1. Peach


The mild and soothing taste of peach makes it one of the best flavor of Breezer to taste. This flavor is great to create different cocktails with Rum and Vodka. If it is a beach or pool party, one should definitely opt for Peach flavor. This Peach flavor is not that easily available in the market, but still, there are many stores across India, offering this flavor.

2. Pineapple

Pineapple being a tropical fruit is the best choice of Breezer flavor on a hot summer day. This flavor is known for its sweet yet tangy taste of pineapple. This flavor tastes the best when serves completely chilled and the best quality of this flavor is that it does not overpower your taste with its extreme flavors.

3. Strawberry

This Strawberry flavored Breezer is a perfect choice for the person who is a true fan of strawberry. People most commonly tend to confuse this flavor with the Cranberry flavor, but as a matter of fact both the flavor are individually very different in taste when compared.

4. Litchi

Yes, Breezer also has a Litchi flavor. This flavor is a bit sweet when compared to others flavors of Breezers, but is definitely worth a try. If one loves Litchi as fruit, then there are sure chances, that one would love this flavor.

5. Mango

Mango, known as the king of fruits. Hence, it was an unsaid compulsion to have a Mango flavored Breezer. This Breezer is manufactured from the juicy and yummy Alphonso Mangoes and is definitely a flavor to try.

6. Orange

This orange flavor of Breezer is perfect, for those people who always like to have a dash of orange flavor in their drinks. It tastes just like its name. This flavor is refreshing and soothing. One should go and try this flavor if still, they haven’t.

7. Blackberry

Till date, we have only seen people falling for the Blackberry flavor in ice-creams, but if still, you aren’t aware of this amazing and tasty flavor in Breezer, then you should just leave what you are doing and immediately head towards the local liquor store and treat your self with this flavor. You can thank us later for getting you in terms with this Breezer flavor.

8. Jamaican Passion

This Jamaican Passion flavor of Breezer is of the most sold flavor of Breezer in the market. You will come across many different people, who opt for this flavor very often because of its taste as it perfectly tickles the taste buds of the person. This drink has a dash of almonds and citrus lime.

9. Lime

When we talk about Lime flavor, it is automatically assumed, that this flavor is a perfect balance of sweetness as well as tangy taste. This flavor is so perfect that it does not empower the drink with its sweet flavor.

10. Cranberry

This is the no. one flavor and also the most preferred flavor among the people. This drink has its own unique kind of tangy flavor which would tickle you taste buds on any given day at any given time and also make you feel refreshed.




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