Salman Khan as Worst Actor???? Google Search Says:

Huge Fans of Bollywood actor Salman Khan are against Google. The reason is while you search In Google Search Engine for the ‘worst Bollywood actor’ his name comes up first. That’s why the fans are angry on google for say Salman Khan as Worst Actor. The battle has increased up so much, it has become one of the top trends on Twitter in India.

The major and most well-liked search engine Google regularly had to receive aggravation and disapproval of people on twitter due to some technical mistakes by the most popular search engine Google who mistakingly referred Salman Khan as Worst Actor.

We doubt how Bollywood’s famous actor “Sultan” as well as his passionate fans respond to it, in the meantime, Twitter fans lose control and had some fun while trolling Salman.

Previously this year, someone did a quick Google search for ‘India first PM’ was come with result Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture showing up along with Jawaharlal Nehru’s first PM description. And now again, some other person has found Salman Khan’s image along with the description showing up ‘worst Bollywood actor’. Not astonishingly, this resulted in an unexpected flood of activity on the social media, with many on Twitter people are sharing screenshots of their search result as well as wondering what resulted in Google’s sudden hatred towards everyone’s beloved ‘Bhai” most of them are losing their control to see this.

Google Search Showing Salman Khan as Bad Actor

Google the major search engine is presently showcasing the superstar as the worst Bollywood star due to some technical mistake. As per new reports, while searching for the ‘worst Bollywood actor’, the most utilized search engine display Salman Khan’s name. After this, a lot of Twitter users started providing their reactions on the newest topic that too twisted out to be the main worry all over the social media.

Here’s a concise explanation, while you type a keyword on Google, it shows up the description, articles, blogs. Search Results also shows posts that have meta tags as that particular keyword. What it means few people have uploaded pictures, and written various posts about Salman Khan. The combination of these words are “Worst Bollywood Actor” and the result is Salman Khan as Worst Actor.

Google search engine results are purely algorithms based, and no person or group of people decide it.