Indian war of independence: Why is it that Indian history does not have strong extensions from the era started by Britisher. Don’t you think some key points in history are manipulated as history is written by the winners and the moment we won, it was the decline of the British era and thus making it nearly impossible to know what incidents were manipulated and which were not? As Approx* 200 years they have ruled over us, God only knows what they have done. For that, we have some parts of the history in front of you which will make you think twice, what exactly happened. Which were not told to us throughout the Indian war of independence?

Mind-boggling history

We all remember the Meerut Mutiny, the starting of the Indian war of Independence. A film starring Amir Khan as Mangal Pandey has also been made and its also there in the books we know it’s true or some of it is true who knows

Indian war of independence

The map of India. yes, you read it right who knows? what the map of India looked like before Britishers.

indian map

World War! India was not a part of it but was a contributor of army troops to the British army. Does God know how many Indians were deployed there? how many survived? how many never came back.

Indian war of independence and world war

The most mind-boggling fact “the making of INC“.

Indian national congress

Better than the previous, the night of 14 August 1947

Indian war of independence

We mean No Disrespect To Our Nation or anybody mentioned in the above article. After reading this article you will doubt the history you know and to know more continue on talepost.

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