Who Is Responsible For Amritsar Tragedy ?


Five days after the Amritsar tragedy that has taken out the lives of 61 innocents, Saurabh Madan Mithu, the Ameristar councilor’s son who co-ordinates the Dussehra event has appeared in an Interview on the TV channels and has released a video message saying he was in effect unjustifiably targeted for the disaster. The neighborhood strongman, who vanished into thin air on the evening of the tragic event, said that he had taken all the vital authorizations, however, “a few people” were attempting to frame him for the incident.

“I am not at all responsible for the mishappenings during Amritsar tragedy. The Dusshera ceremony that I organized only motivated to unite everybody. I had taken every one of the consents… spared no exertion. Had addressed police, (city) corporation, fire brigade,” he said in a video in Punjabi. Then Who is Responsible For Amritsar Tragedy.

What is My Fault in this? 

“We gathered out it on the ground, not on the tracks… Be that as it may, a few people were remaining there and the train appeared suddenly out of nowhere. It was an act of God. What is my fault in this? A few officers and personnel have a personal grudge against me… we made 7 to 10 warnings saying ‘kindly don’t remain on the tracks’. With pleasing hands, I request you not to do this,” Mr. Mithu included in Amritsar Tragedy.

Scene during the night of the mishap

His allegation of issuing several warnings, nonetheless, appeared to repudiate a video from the night of the mishap where one of the coordinators boasted to the chief guest, Congress pioneer and former legislator Navjot Kaur Sidhu, that the group there was so energetic to see her that they would remain on the adjacent railroad tracks and not move regardless of whether many trains cruise by.

“Madam, listen to me, these individuals couldn’t care less about remaining on tracks. More than 5,000 careless people are (remaining) on (railroad tracks) lines for you. Regardless of whether 500 trains cruise by, they won’t budge,” the man was heard saying.

Mr. Mithu and his mom, a Congress Councilor, vanished into thin air three days after the  Amritsar tragedy. Antagonized by their disappearance, a crowd of people tossed stones at their residence on Saturday evening – breaking a few windows. Police brought them under control and settled the locality under their watch. Prior in the day, protestors conflicted with the police requesting the incarceration of those responsible.

Nobody is named in the archive

Even though the Punjab police is enrolling a First Information Report (FIR) regarding the catastrophe, they didn’t name anyone in the archive. Click here for the link to visuals of the allegations made by Saurabh Madan Mithu who disappeared on Wednesday because of Amritsar Tragedy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOKfDzILy80.