Women who climbed mountains in bikini freezes to dead after fall


Gigi Wu

Gigi Wu a solo hiker, who was famous for climbing mountains in bikinis was found frozen to death after has fallen down 20m in the ravine in Central Taiwan’s Yushan Mountain. Before her death, the 36-year-old was on a solo trek in mountains of Taiwan Yushan. During her, this climb, when she tumbled down the mountain, had injured her leg. Till the time, her friend was able to send the help to her, it was too late. The saviours reached 28 hours later after she called for help because of bad weather conditions.

The bikini mountain climber was also known as
 Wu Chi-Yun because of her popularity of climbing mountains with barely any clothes on.

Although, there actual and the medically verified reason for death has still not been announced officially. We want to ask our readers, is it all worth a person’s life for facebook likes and popularity on media.