5 Things You Can Do On WhatsApp… But Probably Never Tried!!


Whatsapp these days is the most used application in the world. Every second person we meet in our daily life is using whatsapp. Day by day the application is improving itself and hence, making its users try more efficient features.

We bring you Top 5 new things one can try on Whatsapp

1. Add Conversation Shortcuts

With this new feature on WhatsApp, one can create shortcuts of their WhatsApp chat on their mobile screens. This feature is available on Android. One can do so, tap hold the chat you want to select and then click on the “create shortcut option”.

2. Customize Notification

In today’s date, a Whatsapp user can easily customize the notification sound for every number separately. By doing this one can easily make out, who has texted him without actually looking at the screen. For example, one can set the customized notification tune for their boss, mother, spouse or anyone else. This feature is available for both Android and IOS users as well. To make this feature come into use one has to single tap the bar above the chat and go to “Customize Notifications” option.

3. GIF for every possible reaction

Whatsapp well understand the fact that not every expression can be truly delivered virtually by emoticons. Therefore, it has introduced funny and interesting GIF. A person can make use of these by clicking on the Emoticons option and then selected GIF. It is available for Android and IOS users.

4. Mark messages as Unread

It has now become easier to get back at the messages when you get free. Usually it happens that a person is occupied in some or the other important task and is not able to reply at the moment. In this situation a person can mark the conversation unread by clicking long on the selected chat and select the unread option from the drop down menu. This feature can be used by Android and IOS users.

5. Reply Directly From The Notification

The latest Whatsapp feature allows you to reply to the messages from the notification bar itself. Thus, no need for opening the whole application and then reply. This new and exciting features saves a lot of time.