Worcestershire Cricketer, Alex Hepburn accused of raping a sleeping woman


Worcestershire Cricketer Alex Hepburn has been held in court because of the charges of raping a sleeping woman. alex has been in court trails for this case. In his defense, he has stated, that the woman first had consensual sex with one of his teammate, Joe Clarke.

He also mentioned that the victim was fully aware of the actions, which were happening to her. In defending himself during his trials, Alex Hepburn accused the victim of enjoying the sex at that point in time.

When the court asked the woman, she said;

“I was unknown of the fact that in place of Joe, it was Alex on her bed as Joe went to be sick”

This shocking incident occurred in a night out during April 2017. Alex also had admitted in the court that, the reported victim had her eyes wide open and also kissed him before enjoying consensual sex of about 20 minutes.

Alex Hepburn also quoted the words of the woman after the incident;

“You just raped me you sick ba***rd.”

The 23-year-old cricketer time and again appealed in front of the court for his innocence. He again accused the victim of knowing the fact, that she wasn’t sleeping with Joe.

Alex said to Worcester Crown Court with tears in his eyes;

“After I got myself into bed, that’s when I realized that there was a woman in the bed. The lighting was dim. You couldn’t make out the door on the other side of the room but you could see what was in front of you and around. She rolled towards me, she kissed me.”

In the earlier trials at court, the jury has witnessed how Clarke and Alex Hepburn were playing a game called, “sexual conquest”. This game was set up via Whatsapp group named, “Stat Chat”. The cricketer, then admitted, that the main motive of the game was only fun.

Later, Alex also added;

“The competition was about sleeping with different women. I’m completely embarrassed, my family has had to see them. It was nothing more than just immature chat between friends. It did not mean anything and it was us bragging to each other”.