There was quite a surprise when Yuvraj Singh wasn’t sold in the first bidding of the IPL, despite setting the base price as low as one crore. None of the bidders bought him for the 2019 IPL auction which was held in Jaipur on Tuesday 18th of December. Yuvraj though on the Mumbai Mirror has said that there was no disappointment at all for the same because he apparently had an idea that such a thing would definitely happen. The cricketer was last seen in the one-day test series in West Indies last June.

The base prices of all players were set at rupees 2 crores, whereas the player put himself in the bracket of rupees 1 crore, and yet found no buyer at all. Only in the second session did Mumbai Indians paddle for this cricketer and added him to the team for the IPL. Yuvraj himself commented that when teams look for players, they usually look for only the youngsters. He said that he is in that phase of his career, where he was hoping that he will be chosen in the last round only. In 2018, Yuvraj had played for Kings XI Punjab, with a score of 65 runs and a strike rate of 89.04.

He’s played Ranji games for Punjab in the intermediate time. Mumbai Indians owner Akash Ambani added that he is happy to have Yuvraj Singh in his team.   He also said picking him up at such a low rate is the biggest deal that he has cracked. He even confessed that he had budgeted more amount of money for Yuvraj and Malinga. It seems that Yuvraj might have underestimated himself for all that is there.

In the year 2015, Yuvraj is said to have a record of 15 crore, which is the largest so far. Ever since that rate, his IPL fortunes have fallen completely. He was later picked by Kings XI at only the base price of 2 crores, and this year, of course, we saw the 1 crore deal. It is quite unfortunate that the rates have fallen so low below the 15 crore record.

It is sad to see players losing their worth over their age, considering the fact that these people have had consistent performances. However, we are waiting for the IPL eagerly, since it promises us a great show.