5 Best Baby Formula Milk Powders in India


There is nothing better than a mother’s milk for a newborn baby. Mother’s milk works as a wonder solution to the newborn but not all women are capable of breast feeding their babies. Due to medical and other complications some mothers are unable to provide their babies with their milk. In such instances, baby formula milk available in the market is the perfect substitute for the breast milk. Formula milk is made on a pattern with keeping the breast milk composition in mind. It is the safest option to feed infants.
There are some of the best brands of formula milk powders available in the Indian market. These brands of milk powder are highly trusted by the parents for their babies. Some of the best formula milk powders in India are as follows:
1. Nestle NAN Pro 1 Infant Formula
NAN Pro 1 is an infant formula which is spray dried with probiotics and is manufactured by Nestle. This milk formula powder is suitable for infants up to 6 months and compensates for the breast milk. The probiotic in the formula helps infants in relieving the pain arising from frequent colic. It is extremely similar to the mother’s milk and is available in different packages for different stages of baby’s age.

2. Similac Advance
This formula milk powder has Optigrow which helps in the eye and brain development of the baby. This specific infant formula is enriched with a unique blend of carbohydrates, minerals, proteins along with a mix of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. The formula is extremely helpful in building brain and stronger immunity for the baby. It is one of the most preferred options trusted by mothers.

3. Enfamil A+
This formula is enriched with the recommended quantity of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Arachidonic acid (ARA). DHA is a highly important component of an infant’s brain. It contains required quantities of dietry fibre and whey proteins. It is simple to digest for the babies.
4. Farex Low Birth Weight Infant Formula
It is specifically designed in keeping with the needs and requirements of the premature babies. Those infants born before 37 weeks and weigh less than 2.5 kgs, this formula provides them with adequate nutrition. It enhances the growth, development and strengthens immunity at all stages.

5. Dexolac Infant Formula for Baby
This formula has special nutrients which target the immunity growth along with the brain development in infants. The high content of amino acid along with lecithin is essential for the overall growth of the baby. Along with the essential nutrients, it consists of maltodextrin and whey protein. Whey protein helps in simpler digestion. The protein is customized in order to reduce the effect of protein on baby’s kidneys. Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus and magnesium in the formula enables building strong bones in babies.