A Consent Song in Support of the #MeToo Campaign Gone Viral!


With the start of the campaigns pertaining #MeToo movement, we can see news on sexual abuse almost everywhere. As the campaign continues, there are several accusations brought to light. As a result, there are several debates which are supporting the victims and condemning the attackers. While few people support the victims to be brave enough to be expressing themselves. There are also a few that say that the victims are guilty until proven otherwise.

Diving into the Lyrics

To support the victims, a Mumbai woman has composed a song which will move our hearts with the message in it. The term consent is always misinterpreted in various situations. The first set of lyrics in the song state that “its fun being sexual, but only when it’s consensual”. The lyrics further go “The lines are blurred and grey, boy you better learn to navigate” With talks of consent being mistaken for indications and signs, she also included lyrics on how only a yes can be taken for a yes.

She further sings while playing the ukulele, “Not a No, not a Maybe, boy you need a, yes, otherwise it won’t be considered a yes.” Women Filmmakers in Bollywood have pledged to not support the proven offenders. If the men also stop supporting the proven offenders, no one would face sexual abuse fearing the crowd’s reaction.

The Mumbai based Sukhnidh Kaur shared the video on Instagram. Kaur captioned the video as “Here is a one-minute master class on approval as some don’t seem to get it. This week has been traumatic with #MeToo movement and music is how I heal”. She further asked people to take this song as a fun nursery rhyme.  She further explained that as long as it teaches someone something, it is good. Following the message she put a few hashtags, #metooindia #timesup #consent #musicwsukh #originalswsukh edit: thanks for all the love”.

Dedicated to MJ Akbar

“I’m dedicating this one to MJ Akbar.” She dedicates the video to Union Minister MJ Akbar, who is facing the accusation of sexual harassment by journalist Priya Ramani and more than a dozen women. After returning from his foreign tour, the minister filed a defamation case against Ramani on Monday. As support for Ramani, Kaur launched a video for moral support.

As the #MeToo movement reached India from the western countries, in the past few days alone. It was to encourage women who have faced harassment in the industry. Following this, there have been many women who took to social media by naming their sexual abusers. Bollywood stars including actors, singers, and directors are coming out on Twitter. Allegations are also leveling against popular comedians, sports stars and journalists.

Support for the victims

Most of the names were surprising and stories disturbing. Many prominent names have come for their sexual misbehavior and harassment at the workplace or any other gatherings. Following these allegations as women have been afraid to step foot out. A Mumbai based mental health and legal aid counselor Sukhnidh Kaur has written this song to support the movement. She also intends to deliver an important message regarding the consent of a woman. She labeled the music video as a ‘heal’ for all the #MeToo movement victims who have shared their traumatic stories.